Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planet Strike Kickoff Apocalypse

Friday night July 3rd saw the meeting of all 3 of the Northern Virginia GW stores for a massive Apocalypse/Planet Strike game to celebrate the release of Planet Strike properly. GW Springfield, VA was ground zero as GW Sugarland took on GW Fair Oaks in the first of many epic battles. The battle pitted Dirty Jesus Phil vs Don the Devil, helmsman of GW Sugarland and GW Fair Oaks respectively and their hordes of store regulars and GW Springfield mercs in an Apocalypse game with some Planet Strike rules mixed it. Each player, armed with 1000pts and in addition either a 500pt formation or super heavy or legendary unit worth up to 800pts picked sides and jumped into the battle. The store was packed as over 20 players per side crowd around 5 tables to defend or capture 10 objectives. After many long hours, a duel between Jesus and the Devil, and thousands of dice rolls the battle ended a draw, but fun was had by all and already grudges are forming in prepartion of the next epic conflict.

I had a blast as table captian for Table 4, our forces held off the enemy from one objective and losing the other in the last momments for round 4 due to a Stompa going nova and clearing a path in the ring of defenders to get two marines to the objective. Please enjoy the photos and share your favorite momments from the battle.

Table 1 and 2
Table 3
Table 4
Table 5


Until next time.


  1. That looks like it was insanely good fun!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Isn't that you in the battles1.jpg? Was that a good dice roll or were your dice hating you as usual?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Okay, I have tried to post this 3 times now. No that is not me, I am behind the camera for all these pics.

  5. Looked like fun. I was on vacation this past week and missed out on the release.

  6. lol, Jesus and the Devil, COME ON! Don isn't a bad guy, lol.

    Because of his fail we drew the game!

    - Travis


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