Friday, March 6, 2009

Update, 2 Days to Rapid Fire...

Well it has been a little while since I posted last. Mainly it is because I have had really spotty internet access for the last few weeks but tonight my Verizon DSL account kicked in so hopefully that will change. I have been hard at work, working on a variety of things mostly pertaining to Rapid Fire which is in two days. First off, I decided that getting a Blood Angels army that I actually wanted to use painted and done was a pipe dream, at least to level I wanted the army to end up.

From there I decided to take a list from the army I plan to occupy my summer painting schedule, Forgeworld Renegades. I have been collecting bits and pieces of the army for a while now, and after Baltimore Games Day I should finally have enough pieces to put together a solid 2,000pt army or so. To that end I painted two test models to get an idea of what I wanted the army to look like. They are the two models seen to the right. The picture is pretty close to the real colors (I need to build myself a light box), click on it to see a larger view. I can not decide which I like better, Tan or Green. What do you guys think? Maybe I will put up a poll.

I started working on the army as both schemes start out the same way, just differ in the final couple of stages. My Rapid Fire list had a 25 man platoon, an Armored Fist squad with a Chimera, and an Enforcer (Commissar). The tournament organizer decide to disallow the use of the Renegade List from Vraks 2 so I was going to use them as Imperial Guard.

However this week school was pretty busy so I did not have time to get everything done, so I had to switch to my third choice, my Red Corsairs. Here is a pic of the Army, click for a larger pic.

The list includes:

(6) Noise Marines w/ 5 Sonic Blasters, Blast Master
(5) Chaos Space Marines w/ Icon of Chaos Glory, Meltagun and a Rhino Transport
(10) Chaos Space Marines w/ Icon of Chaos Glory, Missile Launcher, Plasmagun

I have tried out a variant version of the list against some Dark Angels and it worked out pretty well. The big difference was that I did not have the Noise Marines and the rhino squad was a full 10 marines. I think, though I have added a 4th Kill Point to my list, the increased fire support and the Initiative 5 of the Noise Marines will give me more flexibility.

Next time expect more about the Renegades, progress on a squad of Plague Marines, and preparations for the 4th Annual Iron Fist League Team Tournament beginning run the weekend after next. Assuming my regular partner is available we will be going for 4 years in a row placing. The first year we won Best Sportsman, The second year we won the whole thing, taking Overall, and last year we took Best Army and runner up to Overall. All three years we have both played chaos.

Well until next time...


  1. The Corsairs look good.

    As for the Renegades, I would go with the one on the left. I think that's the green one. I think the green might be a little better contrast with the brighter orange/warm colored eyes (lenses).

    Nice work, it's going to be a hard choice.


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