Monday, February 23, 2009

Side Tracked

Hey guys, if has a been a bit since my last update and I just wanted to fill you in. I have been distracted. From 40K, to Fantasy, to Privateer Press's announcement of Warmachine 2.0, to Hordes, and now back to 40k I have been unable to focus or concentrate on getting anyone thing painted as it seems my interests have been changing by the day. All I have accomplished is a bit of commission work I have been sitting on for a bit but unfortunately I do not have any pics to share today.

With that said, I will endeavor to get some progress pics up on my Rapid Fire list soon as the tournament is just a bit less then 2 weeks away and I really need to get cracking on the stuff I will be taking. For starters let us start with the list.


Chaplain: jump pack, meltabombs
(7) Death Company: jump packs
(5) Assault Marines: Vet w/ Power Fist; plasma pistol, in Rhino (instead of jump packs)

Well that is the first draft of my list, as I wanted to maximize power combined with the least amount of models I would have to paint. However recently I have been thinking I need a bit more fire power as even though I do not need to worry about heavy tanks or anything with more then 33 total armor (Front+Side+Rear) there is still plenty of stuff out there that will cause this small army problems. With that in mind I am thinking about dropping some death company and taking a 5 man tactical squad with a razorback. Not sure what I am going to do yet but I need to decide soon so I can get stuff done in time.

Until next time...

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