Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Armies on Parade

Hey guys, for those that plan to go to Baltimore Games Day I found something pretty cool that I think you should check out and think about joining in on. It is called Armies on Parade. GW is giving average gamers like you and me a chance to display our armies at Games Day. Here is the link:

There is limited space, I just heard from GW that I have a spot, I hope to see some more of the FTW group represented. I will be displaying my Red Corsairs along with some Apoc goodies and as long as I get approval a detachment of the Renegade army I am currently working on.

According to the thread there will be some judging involved and an attendies choice award of some kind. Personally I am just psyched about displaying my army and showing off some of the nice conversions I have going. Modeling and converting has always been my favorite part of the hobby, now I get a chance to show off some of my stuff. I guess I have to finish that Plague Tower I started working on last fall now.

EDIT: This just in, I heard back from GW and while they said Apoc stuff is legal, what they are looking for is more along the lines of between a tournament legal army and a full force org of stuff, and not much more. Sigh, that is so limiting. I have in the upwards of 6-8 custom chaos character models alone before I even scratch the surface of the named characters I own. Sigh, they are making this hard.

The real problem is I expect that they are looking for cool, flashy themed lists with cool conversion and all. While I am not saying my army lacks that stuff, for the most part the varying paint jobs coverted and marred by traitorus symbols and marked out imperial insignia is what makes the army stand out, not the conversion work. Most of those cool elements come into play with my Apoc stuff. I'm not sure what I should do here, got any suggestions?

Next time - Rapid Fire Coverage and the beginning plans for my Armies on Parade display.

Until next time...


  1. This sounds kinda cool.
    I so wish I was going this year. It would take a miracle for me to get there.

  2. I might have to look into this, and get to work on my Red Scorpions!


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