Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Joining the objective bandwagon.

Hey guys. Several other members of the FTW have been posting and talking about objective markers recently. Personally, over the years I have used many different things as objectives. Coins, candy, poker chips, you name it I am sure I have played at least one game using "x" as and objective.

Then when the Apocalypse expansion came out for our beloved 40K I decided I need something more for a game I was running for my local group, the Iron Fist League. So I put together 6 objectives from stuff I had in my bitz box mounted on the old flat titan/sentinel bases. You can see pics of them to the right and left. They were pretty simple, just piles of ammo, leaking fuel cans, or big blockly generator looking things. Very simple but they got the job done.

Then Rapid fire came around and I decide I need something nicer, on smaller bases (do to limited room), that would also add something to the display base. I have talked recently about how I like themes when building both individual units and armies on a whole. Now I am not sure exact where I got the idea, perhaps Games Workshops fantastic marine and ork resin rubble barriers but I decide to create 5 objectives markers that could be combined to form a barricade on my display base. Here is the result.

One of the big challenges was creating 5 individual objectives that where interesting from every angle while still allowing them to come together to form the barrier. For the most part I think I achieved this. Below you will find close up detailed pics of each piece with a front (left side) and back (right side) view.

Eventually, I plan to go back and put a bit more work into these objectives as I really put them together and painted them last minute the morning of the Rapid Fire tournament. I need to go back and work on the metals, adding in the rust and giving them a bit more depth. Also a few of the colors need a bit more highlighting I think and there are a couple of boring bare spots that could use some bitz to spruce them up. Let me know what you think and remember that your projects will always end up better if you think about theme and emotion during assemble and painting. What are you trying to say with the look and feel of the pose and paint job, but more on that later.


  1. That is really nice work on such tiny bases! I'm amazed at how much detail you packed in there! Well done.

  2. Those are excellent. They fit together really nicely too. Great job.

  3. Lovely!
    These are great objectives - nice attention to detail and crisply executed.

  4. Those are great - the barricade idea is a nice touch. Great work.

  5. Excellent idea mate, well impressed.

  6. very nice: what did you use for the red generators?

  7. Thanks guys. They were fun to do.

    @the other Kevin - feel free to steal as needed. I get ideas from reading the FTW blogs and I and happy to return the favor.

    @Lord - The generator were part of an old Armorcast scifi terrain set that I picked up at a swap meet.


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