Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poll Results

Hey guys, I recently put up a poll about what I should work on next as I have so many projects going right now. Well the votes are in, thank you to everyone that voted. The winner is my Red Corsairs for Games Workshop's Armies on Parade. I have been working on my Red Corsairs army off and on since the most recent Chaos Codex was released at the end of 4th edition. One of my favorite things to do when building units is to theme them by mixing components from multiple kits to give the unit an overall flavor.

To this end the first unit that I am going to be working for my Armies on Parade display is my Thousand Sons Squad. This unit was created by using a combination of many different kits to create a unique look for the unit. I started with Thousand Sons heads from the current existing metal and plastic kit. Then I added pieces from the current chaos space marine kit including some of the thousand sons specific pieces. I decided to use the new Dark Angels robed veterans bodies as the main component. Most of the chest pieces and several of the backpacks are from the new possessed box sets. I finished it out with a few pieces from the Chaos Terminator Lord kit.

On a side note I really love the new possessed kit. You will notice as this series goes on just how much I love that kit as it's influence is prominent all the way through the army. In addition to the Thousands Sons unit I converted a Rhino just for them. I will be updating the rhino to go with the unit.

Stay tuned as I get to work on this unit.

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