Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey guys, how is it going?  I'm currently involved in a Summer/Fall Warmachine/Hordes Slow-Grow league and I thought I would share a photo I took last night of my currently full painted Menoth models.

I am pretty happy with what I have gotten finished and while I hope to charge through and get lots more Menoth painted I have several distraction sitting in the wings sniping at me to get my attention.  These include more and new Dust minis, some 40k Imperial Guard allies for 6th Ed, and my Saga/WAB/W&C Saxons to name a very small few.

Hopefully I can keep on the path and will have more to share soon, but I guarantee nothing!

See you guys next time...


  1. Those slow-grow leagues are the best, on so many levels to boot. Your Menoth look fantastic!

    1. Thank you sir, and I agree. Lets you focus on small blocks of minis that increase your collection over time. You can find the rules for the Slow we are playing at:

      However I just picked up the Conquest, the Khador Colossal yesterday, I expect my paint Queue to be side tracked heavily for a while.


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