Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Doomed to Fail?

Hey guys, been a while.  Well today I come to you with some sad news.  I have just posted my first two listings ever on ebay... sigh.  Times have been tough for me lately (still can't find a job) so I have had to resort to selling some of my collection to help pay the bills.  So today I put up my Grey Knight/Death Watch army which I haven't touched since last summer and a lot of painted Flesh Tearers painted my MiCho from MiCho Miniatures that I won in a raffle at a Battle for Salvation tournament a few years ago.

The Grey Knights can be found here: GREY KNIGHT/DEATH WATCH

The Flesh Tearers can be found here: FLESH TEARERS

These are just the first of several armies for a few different systems I hope to sell over the next several weeks.

See you guys with some real content including my initial thoughts about 40K 6th Edition shortly.

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