Friday, October 15, 2010

BfS Day 2 - Game 3

Hey guys, Huron back again with another battle report from my games a the Battle For Salvation tournament held up in White Plains, NY this past weekend. This battle report covers game 3 for me on Saturday, and features my new nemesis, Neil from the 11th company. NN (nemesis Neil) and I played twice over the course the weekend, once on Saturday and once on Sunday. NN was running a very tough Ghazghkull Ork force comprising several squads of Boyz, Mega Armored Nobz, Lootaz, Ghazghkull and a KFF Big Mech, and no less then 4 Battle Wagons. Ouch!

In this game I continued with my tactic of setting up a fire base and putting down a punishing amount of fire power while out flanking with just 2 minimum squads of marines in rhinos. However I deviated a bit and put the Libby and Terminator squad in reserve ready to deep strike in and strike at any damaged battle wagons from the side. I chose 2 of the 4 battle wagons, the 2 mega nob squads, and Ghazghkull as my KPs. He choose the speeders, Razorbacks, and my terminators as his.

The game was hard fought and came down to 2 turns of Ghazghkull, the Big Mech, and a the 3 surviving Mega Nobs in the squad with them running from Khan as Khan and his squad butchered its way through Ork boyz to go after Ghazzy. Finally Khan and his squad caught up to Ghazzy, killed all but one of the Nobz (having slaughter the other squad 2 turns earlier), and doing 2 wounds to Ghazzy. Ghazzy responded by punching Khan 3 times to which Khan failed 2 of his invuls and died. A good close game with a dramatic finish, 5 KPs to 3.

Here is the Video:

Check back on Monday when I cover my game with Dan Oppedisano, the winner of the best painted army at the BfS and a really great guy. The fluff and detail he put into his army really shows. Check out his new blog, for more details about his army if you can't wait till Monday for all my coverage.

Thank you for reading.


  1. That game was much closer than it looked on either of our videos. The thing to note was that Ghazzie last that last combat and did not run. Had he have run, he would have counted as destroyed along with this squad which would have made the game tie on 5 KP vs 5 KP AND taken up to Victory points at which point Ghazzie, the Big Mek, and his Mega Nobz would have counted as dead, causing that to to go the wire!

    I also didn't know you got to play against Dan. I'm jealous! His stuff is awesome. Which, by the way, he just sent me an e-mail yesterday as it appears he has decided to start blogging!

  2. Yup, he sent me one two. The address is at the end of this post.


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