Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dipping into the video archive

Hey guys Huron back again with another trip into the Archive. This time I am going way back... way back... way back... okay not that far back... to Adepticon 2010.

Skrivus, of DLT fame and I through down in a podcast challenge game which unit now has been lost to antiquity. I am happy to dust this game off and share it with all of you for the first time.

Skrivus, is playing his beautifully painted Ultramarines vs my defenders of justice, the Howling Griffons. I always suspected that the Ultramarine were heretics at heart, this game proves it I think.

So sit back and enjoy this battle report from the Archive.

Another loss for the defenders of Justice. But I will have my revenge... oh shall I.

See you guys next time.


  1. My word I couldn't make up my mind who to root for! lol

    It's good to see you and Dave having a great time playing 40k!

  2. It was a good game. Emotion got a little heated early on but I think that was my fault. But as the game went of things clammed down and it turned out to be a really fun game.

  3. Hard fought game.
    I have to say that the dice were not your friend in that game. Even some average dice rolls seem like they could have helped you out in that game.

  4. It always makes me smile to see Ultramarines beat you down. Even if they are not my own.

  5. The game was good. I had the early advantage, but you sprung Khan on me, and he got that massive hit and run roll, stole my back objective. My dreadnaughts managed to clear off the middle objective. You got robbed by poor dice rolling with the saves all around.

    Don't worry about the emotions getting heated part, it was Friday night so we had both been up all day.

    Also I tend to be deliberate and explain all the steps I'm trying to do in my turn when I'm playing with someone I hadn't met before, but I didn't consider that it was two familiar armies playing each other and you have been playing much longer than I had.

    I'm glad you actually brought it up, so then I realized it was a problem. I can definitely see it getting annoying and I've adjusted the way I play because of it.

    Also thanks for the complements on my painting...though I have to say that I was quite envious of your painting job on the Griffons.

  6. Thanks for the battle report, finally one with clear narration.

    Pat, 11th Company


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