Monday, June 28, 2010

The Prize is Decided!

And we have a prize. I asked and you responded, custom bases and mold. So what do you need to do now? Well here are the details.

1. Be a follower of my blog, don't worry you don't have to be an existing follower, just click follow on the right -->

2. Respond to this post with a comment saying you want the bases and what your favorite post of the pass is.

And that is it. On Saturday July 3rd at midnight I will roll randomly and pick a winner to be announce here on the blog on July 5th.

Good luck to all.


  1. My favorite post was your February 1, 2010 post entitled: A Look At My Howling Griffons.

    I enjoyed the post because your Howling Griffons were a very unique army, sure they are detailed in the codex, but you were the only one playing them on the field of battle. Plus, you did a really good job with the painting of them.

    Personally, I am a little saddened that this never came about:

    “In the future I will be sharing more on specific army builds and tactics, but I thought I would start by introducing the whole army to you.”

    Here is one readers hopes that you come back to your Griffons soon.

  2. Hi

    I kinda like the battle reports best

    Want some bases :-)


  3. I follow your blog, I want the bases!

    I have to admit, the picture from the post

    Friday, May 14, 2010
    Back on track

    in which the Sgt. is kicking the private out of his bunk... that brings back nostalgia of my own Basic Training at Ft. Benning, GA. I ended up getting stress fractures in my legs because I would leap out of the top bunk to the linoleum floor! Good times.

  4. February 25, 2010. I miss the videos of the battle reports.

  5. my favorite post is........

    De Be Vampires from May 14. I thought it was a great idea to do some gold on DC. they deserve to be seen comming at the enemy.

  6. Awesome, thanks guys. Besides give you some prizes this will help me figure out what kinds of posts my followers like best, so that I can start doing more like them.

    Seems like I need to get the Video stuff figured out on windows 7 machine.

    @Magilla Gurilla - Hey man, thank you for the comment on the Griffons. In actuality I have been playing my Griffons this whole time and Have a 2K army of them all painted up. Check the blog on Friday for a post showing off what they look like now and I start talking about prepping them for the Nova Open in August.

  7. Howdy, I want them dang bases!

    As for my favorite post, you did one last year about objective markers. It was great stuff and singly inspired me to do some of my own, so kudos to that one.

  8. I have to agree with Brother Yorei De Be Vampires. Those Death Company look really cool and look forward to seeing more of the insides of your vehicles. The inside of that Rhino is sweet. With all the grime and such looks awesome. Some custom bases would be so sweet for my new Blood Angel army and if I win them I will be sure to do them proud.

  9. I like the tutorial on how to paint Howling Griffons. Even though I don't play them it's still informative on how to do similar schemes. It will probably come in use with my Harlequins.

    I want some bases.

  10. I want the bases

    My favorite post so far is Feb 12 of this year. for two reasons
    1. It was at the end of an impromptu paid week off since the FG shut down all week.
    2. That picture of the baby primarchs caught me off guard and made me spit diet soda on my table.

    Good Fun.

  11. I want the bases too.

    That said, I tuned in for the modelling articles (love seeing your vehicle interiors; keep up the good work!) but stayed for the battle reports.

    I gotta agree with the guy who said "more Howling Griffons!"

  12. Honestly, in would like to see you get back to your roots and do some chaos again. I don't have a favorite post per se, but I always enjoyed the videoed games.

  13. damn missed it by 2 and a half hours lol.

    Jope to see your batreps and other content back on youtube soon, miss it
    -kevinmcd28 (on youtube and everything else)


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