Monday, June 21, 2010

100 Followers, Time for a give away!

Hey guys, how is it going? So 100 followers, wow I feel special. To honor this moment I am going to have a give away. However what do you, the fans, think I should give away? Here are your Choices.

1) 40K Ork Stuff
2) Custom bases and mold
3) Fantasy unit box
4) Something else (make suggestion in comments field)

For number 1) 40K Ork Stuff, I find myself with a variety of unbuilt, new in box 40K Ork stuff. I have 2 Killer Kans (Metal), a box of Nobz, and a box of grots that I can give away.

For number 2) Custom Bases and mold, if you have been following my blog for a while you will know that I enjoy making custom bases for my models. I will sculpt a set of either 40k or Fantasy bases for the winner (40k (5) 25mm, (3) 40mm, (1) 60mm, and (3) 25x50mm Bike bases if you want them; Fantasy (5) 20mm, (5) 25mm, (3) 40mm, (1) 50mm) and ship them to the winner with a few sets of bases plus the molds so the winner can make more of them themselves.

For 3) Fantasty Unit Box I will purchase and send to the winner a Fantasy unit box of their choice. Or number 4) Something else, if none of the above appeal to you please select number 4 and leave me a comment with ideas for some you'd like to see given away. This could be anything from a painted model to plaid socks, so give me some ideas.

You will find a poll on the right where you can vote for your choice. I look forward to seeing what people want.

As to how the give away will work, more on that next time.


  1. I voted for custom bases because it adds your own personal flair. Anyone can go out and buy orks, but if they want your custom bases, there's only one place to go:!

  2. I will agree with WH on this one. You really should go for the Custom Bases. This makes the give-away something that is very much BLOOD and BLADES.

  3. I'm also with custom bases, fun for the family.

  4. I'd like to see the Custom Bases as well... I like the idea of something special that no one else would have

  5. I chose custom bases as well, because it personalizes your give-away.

  6. But will the bases be blades covered in blood?


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