Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moving is a hard thing to do...

Hey guys, Huron back again in Digital Land. How has everyone been? I know it has been a while since I posted last but things have been really busy here. Between projects ending and new projects starting at work, then the old projects cropping back up with a vengeance; podcasting on Gamers Lounge (we are up to episode 8 with episode 9 recording on Sunday); and me moving on this coming Saturday I have had zero time to post anything new.

That said, I have been steadily working on getting my Blood Angels painted up. I was supposed to have 1000pts done on May 30th for the Pathfinder 1000, but do to me having to redo the interior of one of the rhinos and deciding I didn't like how the red was looking on the regular Blood Angel models I scraped a lot of what I had done and started over a few days before the deadline, which really put a hamper on me finishing on time. Below you will find very WIP images of what I am working on for the BA's, let me know what you think.

BA Tactical Squad, Part 1

Death Company, Progress

3 Rhino, 1 Death Company, 2 regular. All with magnetized top hatches

Painted interiors of the 2 regular rhinos, DC rhino interior in prior post.

Fully magnetized Baal Predator, door magnetized to add or remove sponsons, weapons option magnetized too (See second pic)

3 Sanquinary Priest, 1 with jump pack, 2 on foot with power weapons.

And finally a converted Librarian using only plastic parts from a number of kits. Yes the top of the axe is the axe head of the Space Hulk Librarian model. Notice the regular back back and wings combo, it is cool that you don't just have to use the jump pack in order to get the wings to work.

So that is it for now. With me moving this weekend and my internet not being installed until Monday the 14th, I suspect it will be at least till then before I post again.

Look out next week for more BA pics, a look at my new place, and plans for my new gaming table.

See you guys later...


  1. that death company rhino is looking mad awsome, nice conversions as well, hope to see videos coming back after the move!


  2. Looks good. The death company are intersting, I look forward to seeing them done.

  3. Hey Jay, does your Podcast with Bill have a stream or chatroom I can hop in on?

    Just hoping to listen and chat sometime.

  4. I really like those Sanguinary Priests and would like to know what models and bitz you used to put those together. I am building a Blood Angel army also and would like some help in putting my Priests together. Thanks


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