Friday, February 5, 2010

HAPPY FRIDAY... with Snow!

Hey guys, Happy Friday. Well for all you North Easterners (is Virginia really North East?) you and I share something in common today, snow, snow, snow. While it might not have started for you yet good chances are by sometime tomorrow you will be sharing in the down poor. Weather forecasters are calling for 18" to 2 Feet in my area between now and Saturday night. Well I was supposed to be at a 40K tournament this weekend, guess I am going to be painting instead (look for the fruits of my labors Sat or Sun.).

So today I have a treat for you. Another battle report with my good friend Nix from Dead Tau Project. Both or us are using our most tweaked version of our 1850pt tournament lists yet. Oh, and there is a surprise ending.

Check it out!

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