Thursday, November 5, 2009

What I have been up to...

So, its been a while since I did a status post, especially with pictures. So here we go:

I have been working on 3 armies lately. Orks, Howling Griffon space marines, and Chaos Daemons. So far the only thing I have done for Orks is a Warboss and 5 Nobs. Here is a pic, sorry about the depth of focus, my camera hasn't been cooperating lately.

Besides these guys I have 2 more nobs that need basing but are done being painted and around 120 Orks is one stage or another and some vehicles to work on. Next up Daemons. Here are some pics of the Forge World Daemon Prince I painted over the summer which is my stand in for Ku'gath.

Besides the above model, I have 14 Plague Bearers, 2 metal Great Unclean Ones (I use them as Daemon Princes), and 5 Nurglings painted up. Additionally I have 28 more Plague Bearers, 8 Screamers, a Soul Grinder, a Forge World Herald, and 3 Blight Drones all waiting to be painted up to match. I still need another DP, Epidemius, and maybe one or two little things to fill out the army.

Last are my Howling Griffons. I have really put a lot into this army and for the most part so far I am fairly unhappy with how they have turned out. While they look good they do not look great and several of the techniques I have used just do not stand up to photograph. Also this army never wins. Never. Except against Eldar(Hi Bill). I just can not figure out how to play marine is this edition. I have a few ideas but they need developing. Here are two pics of some new stuff. A stripped down Ko'sarro Khan with a new head and a command squad which while modeled very nicely, I will probably never figure out how to get into an army list.

And with that things come to a close. I have a few other things hiding in the folds and a few pics of things that just did not turn out so did not make it up here. That stuff will have to be saved for a future post.

Until next time.

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