Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sigh... Stepping out of Mechanicon.

Sigh, hey guys, Jay here with an update. I know it has been a while and I am sorry about that. Work and School have been slamming me, even more so in the last two weeks, it almost feels like I am working 2 full time jobs and both have been forcing me to work over time.

Mechanicon is this weekend and I have been rushing to try to get one of my newer armies completed (Orks, Howling Griffons, or Nurgle Daemons) done for it. Well none of them are even close so I fell back on my Red Corsairs and have been working to figure out a way to get them to a level I am happy with.

But as of today I am officially bowing out. I do not have a place to stay (things got screwed up with my hotel room), I have to work at least a half day Friday, which means I won't have time to do a display board, and I've been burning the candle on both ends for so long I am just to exhausted to stress over trying to make it work anymore.

So everyone have fun at Mechanicon, I will see you all in the future.

Until next time.

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  1. When you feel like you're running out of energy is when you need to admit to yourself that you don't have to be there.

    I'm glad you're taking a breather.


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