Thursday, September 3, 2009

More Howling Griffons and TOEMP #3

Hey guys, in this blog entry you will find pics of Galvarium Vector, my Master of the Forge for the Howling Griffons and Rion, one of 4 Dreadnoughts I have in the army that go with Galvarium. Both of these, along with the two squads you have seen so far plus a second Tactical squad and a Scout squad made up the 1000pt army I entered into GW's paint contest that ended August 30th.

As I have said the army won first place, though to be honest not everything was quite done. Rion and Galvarium are both finished, but you are going to have to wait for pics of the Tactical Squad and Scout squad as they both need a bit more detailing before I am happy enough with them to show off.

In addition to being part of my 1K for GW, Galvarium is also half my entry for TOEMP's challenge #3. The task was to paint any amount of HQ and/or Fast attack choices you want by September 6th. With Galvarium Complete I am half way to my projected goal. I just need to paint up an Ork Warboss for my new Ork army that I mentioned I was starting last post. I primed him tonight so hopefully tomorrow I will have some time to get some work done on it.

Also, I am enrolled in what GW is calling a Veterans Class currently at my local GW store. Think GW's Academy classes, but for veterans that is more about sharing tips and tricks, best practises, and growing the Veteran community in the store by teaching them how to better pass on what they have learned to less experience players. This is a pilot program and if successful could be developed into a regular thing all GW stores offer.

While to be honest, I really do not need this class, I was one of the biggest supporters of its founding and developement as there are a lot of guys who play at my location that are okay painters, modelers, players, and leaders in the store but none of them have my experience as a Press Ganger and/or game organizer in the area to really fall back on so do not know how to give the best advice or teach someone else the best way to achieve a certain technique. Also no one else at the store, except one or two others, really has the depth of experience in wanting to be a better painter and striving to be that I do. I think this class is really going to help many of them for are just about at a level to really start improving and that it will push some several of them to start really uping there game to a higher level.

Well its time for bed, I need to be up early tomorrow. Next time more Griffons, the beginnings of the Orks, and maybe some pics of some other stuff I have laying around.

Until next time.


  1. Looking good! I like the green glow effect you're going with, it works well against the red/yellows. With the Techmarine being so overwhelmingly red, I do think the numerous power cables may benefit from being picked out in a blue or yellow - something to contrast and make the servo harness 'pop' a bit. Nevertheless, I really like how they both turned out - keep up the great work!

  2. Good work! The weathering effects on both the Master of the Forge's weapon/ servo-arms and the Dreadnought's legs/ close-combat arm is very well done.

  3. Great stuff, you are really making that colour scheme look very tempting to the rest of us! I have just managed to stop by your blog for the first time in a few weeks and I love what you have done with the place. Really nice work on the Dreadnought and Techy, they look excellent,



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