Monday, August 31, 2009

1K Done, well sort of...

Hey guys, just a quick update today. So I managed to finish (well mostly) 1,000pts of Howling Griffons to enter into GWs painting challenge judged yesterday. While I did not have time to paint the glow on the second Tactical Squad's Sergeant or the Scout Squads, or do the weathering, I managed to get everything else done and submit.

Surprisingly, at least for me I managed to take 1st place do to the variety of techniques I used on the models. It was close though and there were 5 other very nice armies submitted. Unfortunately no pics today as I did not have my camera with me yesterday. I will take some pics of my guys and any others thaht are left in the case tomorrow evening when I get to the store and post them probably on Wednesday morning.

Also, tomorrow see the beginning of a new Challenge. While I am going to continue working on Howling Griffons off and on, September 1st sees me starting a new army, ORKS! The Painted Dragon, a forum which I joined recently is running the second event of a Challenge series they started back in May. There is a very skilled painter on the forum by the name of Gareth that is also an amazingly fast painter who is know for cranking out beautifully painted armies very quickly. The challenge is to beat Gareth to a fully painted 1500pt army starting with unbuilt, unprimed models. Pretty cool.

I have never played Orks before (in 40K) and I have been really interested in trying to build an army of them since the release of the 5th Ed Ork Codex. I recently came into 3 complete sets of Assault on Black Reach Orks and some lootas in a trade, which is the prefect start to an Ork army so I took the plunge and got the couple of things I needed to fill out a 1500pt army list. Then this challenge came up and I suddenly I had the motiviation.

Stay tuned as I embark on this new challenge.

Well I seem to have run out of steam, so I am going to say ado.

Until next time...

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