Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Battle for Salvation - Friday vs Jawaballs

Hey guys, Huron here. So today I start my coverage of my trip to the 2010 Battle For Salvation tournament held up in White Plains, NY this past weekend. I had a blast. The tournament was using a modified Nova Open Format that adds in Kill Points as a fourth possible win condition (though there were still only Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary mission each round). I ended up going 2-2 and made it to the bronze bracket on the Sunday where I promptly lost to Neil from the 11th company, again...

This first video is of my pre-tournament Celebrity Grudge Match game vs Jawaballs on Friday night. I had fun playing Jawaballs, but in the end he beat me pretty soundly. I reserved everything which was a mistake that I make sometime when using Khan, and was actually the reason I dropped him from my list for the Open so I would not have the option. Losing this game actually helped me quite a bit as it got my head in the right place and me commited to a tactic I would use for the rest of the weekend of minimizing my out flankers to 2 half tactical squads in Rhinos and creating a solid fire base with the rest of the army so that all the unit were better able to support each other and not be overwhelm individually.

More on my strategy in a future post, not on to the part you all want, the battle report. Make sure you watch to the end for some special bonus content with Fritz and Black Matt.

I hope you enjoyed the battle report and see you soon for coverage of my games 1 and 2 at the Battle For Salvation Tournament.


  1. ITs the return of HuronBH's Fast and Furious video! Great battle report, I am looking forward to hearing about the rest. Makes me wish I was a Celebrity to get cool games in as well. :-)

    Looks like it was fun. Chalk up points for the Baby Seal comment and Fritz's admission about his blog.... all on camera....

  2. Nice battle report, both armies looked great on the field. Yeah Fritz's comment was pretty funny, but alot of good looking armies it looked like there.

    I know it was brief, but it was cool at least being able to put a face to the various voices and bloggers around.


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