Thursday, September 23, 2010

Can Jawaballs come out and play?

Hey guys, Huron here with a little update. I will be attending the Battle for Salvation 2010 GT October 8th to the 10th in White Plains, NY. The BfS is a 2000pt tournament that is using a system similar to the Nova Open and you can find out all the difference on the most recent 11th Company Podcast where Bob (the tournament organizer), Neil (11th Company Host), and I break it all down for you.

So on Friday there is going to be a series of grudge matches between internet personalities and while don't think of myself as a super popular internet personality Bob has allowed me to throw down a challenge so here I go:


I am going to make mince meat out of your silly Blood Angels!
You are going to need a new army when I am done destroying yours!

Yeah that's right!
I went there!

You heard it here first folks.


  1. Are we going to have some hot blood-angel on blood-angel action?>

  2. I was about to say the same thing Pat!

  3. I'm supposed to play either Danny Internets, Fritz, or maybe Neal from the 11th Company.

    And you get lame old Jawaballs. WHY DO I GET THE HARD ONES?


  4. Well Jawaballs still hasn't answered my challenge, but I plan to bring some form of Howling Griffons vs Jawaballs assuming he is brave enough to face me.

    I will be playing BAs most likely for the tournament Saturday/Sunday however.

    Heck I might bring Chaos too, to use in the Apoc game if I get knocked out Saturday/ Early Sunday. So many options.

  5. Wow! I rank with Fritz and Danny I?

    Well, Mike, I mean, I would play with those guys because people actually know who they are. But, if you wanted a REAL game, I'm going to be there Friday as well.

    And Jay, maybe in between rounds we can pretend to be recording about the game and secretly discussing between round tactics. :)

  6. Good to see the HG's are still in the quiver. Send jawa back to the 'crawler... er.. land raider!

  7. I'd love to see you go up against Jawaballs, two very different T4 3+ SV armies would be a real treat of tactics and gameplay.

    Details about the apoc game on Sunday are going to be up soon on the web site, as yours truly is running it, expect it to be a bloody slug fest with full prize support. If you havea the thirst for glory and are willing to expend the lives of your little plastic men you'll be going home with some nice GW stuff.

  8. Huron, you're dead. Librarian Tied Ekoc will be mustering his Blood Angels task force to deliver the smack down next Friday. Swift and furious retribution shall be delivered upon you and your upstart astartes. I will unleash the hounds of war and soon be feasting on your innards with a fine chianti.

    And Brandt! I hope you are playing next to me so I get to watch you get slapped around. Please tell me you are playing Fritz. Maybe I will let my wife unpack my never before seen Iyanden army and step up to the challenge of making you her grot. Her gaming resume does not go much further than Tic Tac Toe and Rummy, but that is all she needs to deal with you! :)

    See you all next week. Should be a fun weekend of gaming. I already told the wife I will be busy for the weekend, so we can get some drinks after hours in Downtown White Plains!



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