Friday, July 16, 2010

Over worked.

Hey guys, Huron here, how is everyone doing? I know it has been a while but work has been pooring it on and I have been lost in the piles or that is how it all feels. However there is hope, I see a light at the end of the tunnel and finally feel like I am moving forward.

Next week I will be back in full swing, with some pics of the first concepts of the bases I am giving away as well as picks of the first completed models from the new Lizardman Warhammer Fantasy army.

Until then.


  1. I know the feeling well. Some days I just feel like life hates me! ;-)

    Good to know that you'll be getting back in the swing of things soon! I look forward to it.


  2. Hey huron, been following you since jawa firsat supported you and I liked your content a lot, especially your videos, cant wait to see them back again, ive been looking into freelance blog article writing. If you need someone to write a nice, well thought article to fill in the grey areas once in awhile im game, throw me an email at kevinmcd28 at yahoo if interested. thanks man, cant wait to see the next tourney video reports and annual videos.


  3. Looking forward to seeing the new Fantasy Army.
    Hoping that the Howling Griffons will put in an appearance or two in a couple of upcoming articles; especially since I heard they were done.

  4. the griffons are done? SHOW THEM, SHOW THEM, SHOW THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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