Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New Tyranids, Battle Report

Hey guys, Huron here. Well I have a short Battle Report for you today featuring my Howling Griffons facing off vs the new Tyranids. This isn't the best report I have ever posted (I forgot to record turn 1 for example) but should give you a feel for the tweaks I have made to my basic list to face the new bugs and to play, as fritz says, in the future. More on that next week.

I really think the new bugs and the rumors for the new BA Codex really shed the light on GWs plan for the future of 40K. Until recently I was a whole sale believer in rampent codex creep, however I am starting to see a trend of tougher, more dynamic codex that allow those "Wow" moments that happens sometimes in 40K to happen more frequently. You know, that turn that the lone guardsmen faces down a whole unit of Dark Eldar Wyches, kills one, and then manages to run them down when they break.

I think GW is pushing the power of the books to amp up our games and you know what, I have started to really become a fan of that. Sure it means meaner, nastier armies. But wait 2 years, everyone will have a new book or most of us will, and every game with end with a story to tell.

Oh yeah, sorry I got distracted, here is the battle:

Hope you enjoyed it. Catch you next time.

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