Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday Tut... Battle Report?

Hey guys, Huron here again. I know, I missed last week, I am a lazy git, but I have an excuse. As my last post said I was sick all week 2 weeks ago. Well tests are in and there is a whole mess of little things wrong but its official, I have Diabetes. The good news is it only is type 2, which is treatable and in the long run I may be able to cure it through diet and exercise. Bad news, I need to start medication to regulate it amongst other things and I can no longer eat all the delicious sugary goodies I love so dear.

But enough with the depressing stuff. I recorded a Tutorial for today but upon viewing the finished product I was unhappy with some of the camera angels and so need to reshoot. So instead of a tutorial today please except this humble battle report instead.

Battle Report 8 features my Howling Griffons pitted against one of my Arch Nemesis Mike's Chaos Marines. This is a Challenge Pyramid game and if Mike wins he gets his second defense. If I win I knock him from the top and take his place. Good stuff.

Enjoy the battle.

GAH! Another defeat. I just don't know what do you against those wily Plague Marines. While yes I could change my army up completely and use something different to pound some face, then it really wouldn't be my army anymore would it?

See you guys next time.

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