Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday!

Hey guys Huron here, Happy Friday. Well as promised Fridays in 2010 bring you a variety of possibilities. Today I have a new battle report for you featuring Nix of the Dead Tau Project. Nix and I have been playing a lot lately and I am sure you can expect our games to only escalate now that he has pledged to play a lot more games in 2010 and up is expertise with the Eldar, a task he has already accomplished 10 fold in the last few months, I shutter to think of his effectiveness with them this time next year.

Enough talk, on to the game:

There you have it, a close game verse the Eldar, I suspect soon Bill with be changing the name of his army to the Dead Howling Griffon Project as his skill level keeps getting higher.

Well guys, let me know what you thought about the game and I will see you again on Tuesday for Tutorial Tuesday with How to Paint Howling Griffons part 3.

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