Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow its been a while...

While I sit here taking a break from work, waiting for the Privateer Press site to load it strikes me, wow has it been a while since I posted last. September 6th was the last one, 15 days ago. Well needless to say I have been good. Real Life however has been nuts. I finally got hired on full time (though I have been working full time this whole time) at my job. Instead of just getting the benefits and vacation time that comes with full time, I got promoted, so had my whole job reformatted and added to. It is a good thing in the long run I guess but it is going to make the next several months much slower hobby wise for me.

So over that past two weeks I have been working on getting a Warboss and 7 Nobs painted for a new Ork army I have started collecting. You would be surprise just how crazy fast an ork army can come together with a few AoBR sets and a few wins on E-bay, I know I am. Next post expect to see pics of the finished models as they are acting as both my test models and the first few model I paint for the army so I am taking extra time to make them nice.

So what I really wanted to talk about today is something I haven't mentioned in a while. Some of you know I am a Pressganger for Privateer Press. Recently Privateer has been failing in my eyes due to their treatment of switching from Mark 1 of their game to the soon (Jan) to be released Mark 2 version of their game. Well folks, today they may have redeemed themselves. PP has release the preprint, prelayout final version of the MK2 rules and cards free of charge to all who wish to download them.

In this unpresidenced move, PP has release the new version of their new game 4 months early and free for all. The gaming communities have been stagenating with people wanting to play Mk 1 or Mk 2 or stopping gaming to wait for Mk 2 (I am in that last category) and this move really gives all of us incentive to go play. So if you have ever been a PP fan and stopped for whatever reason, I suggest you follow the links below and go check it out. Free rules are free rules. And while the nicely layed books and cards with all the fluff and painted figs are still to come, you can start getting your game on now.

Classy Privateer, Classy.


Until next time.

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