Sunday, August 23, 2009

TOEMP Challenge 1 Complete... 6 days late

Man, these Howling Griffons are proving difficult to get done and I am really not sure what I think of them. Below you will find pics of my first finished squad and what I pledged to finish for TOEMP challenge 1 which was supposed to be finished on the 17th. What is TOEMP, well it is a cool moditivationaly painting contest/group started up by 73rd over at The Unforgiven Angels. TOEMP stands for a Tale of Even More Painters. Each week(well 10 days actually), the group of us rise to the challenges put out by 73rd. The first weeks challenge was to paint 75pts worth of models, which some how I just couldn't do. Now I find myself knee deep into Challenge 2 and I am only just finishing things up from challenge 1. Well anyways here are the pics.

Sorry for the poor pics but I really need to build myself a nice light box. I really am not sure, as I said before, if I like these models. I tried a few things that I have never done before, main the green glow under the eyes and around the lenses. What do you think? I also tried out a new way to apply decals which was an astonding success. Additional this squad uses the first decals I have printed myself, anoth milestone for me. Sigh, but I'm just not sure I like them.

Next time some progress on TOEMP Challenge 2, a squad of 5 Terminators and if I have time part one of that tutorial I keep mentioning.

Till next time.


  1. Well done !

    eyes : maybe your color is not diluted (transparent) enough.

    What I like the most : the power glove.
    What I like the less : I think you messed the original strengh of your minies (clean separations between colors) by puting too much (and too big) chipping and green lights.

    About what I like the less : This is mainly because I've seen the first picture : I could have another opinion if I didn t saw it.

  2. I love that sgt and I also think the powerfist is a real highlight.

    It's hard to tell about the decals from these pics, but they look grand to me.

    I'm afraid I'm unconvinced by the light spillage around the eyes, and I'm inclined to agree with Grégory about the battle damage.

    Over all though, I'm very impressed!

  3. They do look really nice, the armour has ended up darker than expected from the WIP pics, but it looks really good.

  4. I'll see about retaking and getting you guys some bigger pics. Thank you for the comments.

  5. Good work, Huron. Nothing wrong with finishing them past the deadline; all that counts is that you finished them! I agree about maybe getting some better pics of the models, though; it's hard to make out the eyes and the decals on the shoulder pads.

  6. The battle damange is too big; smaller paint chips would look much more convincing.

    Also, I'm not sure about how I feel about the eye glow. I think two things would make it look better:

    - The eyes need to be brighter than the glow.
    - Tighter battle damage. (It makes the mini look sloppier than you want it to, which makes the eye glow seem out of place).

    Otherwise, I really do like the powerfist. I'm not used to seeing the glow, and I really like the bright green color for it.


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