Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Tale of Eve... Failure

Hey guys, well it has been a while and things are not looking good. My Howling Griffons which I talked about last time are proving harder to paint then I had envisioned and I am getting behind. To make matters worse I am not sure I like how they are turning out.

So about a week ago I pledged to joined in 73rd's A Tale of Even More Gamers. I had 5 days, now that I think about it to get 75pts of Marines done for the first "warmup" round. Think of it like a bonus period to get in the habit of painting every days and getting things done. Well Ladies and Gents, I failed in my mission. I got a good way in but just could not get them done by the deadline. I think the fact I do not like how they are turning out to be a big part of that. Here is a pic of what they look like now. As you can see, almost done, I just need to highlight a lot of the details, paint somethings I missed, do the eyes and the sergeants skin, some bone, and the purity seals. Do the final highlight on the yellow and then chip, weather, and base. Sigh.

I hope the next challenge goes better.

Until next time.


  1. It's a shame you couldn't manage to finish these in time but what you have done is looking really good so far. It looks like you've managed to get a nice crisp and clear divide between the reds and yellows which would be the one bit I reckon would do my head in (other than having to paint yellow full stop!). Good luck for the next deadline! :)

  2. This yellow is actually pretty simple. Just Prime White, Spray (Airbrush) level coat of Iyandun Darksun, Dry brush Iyandun/Golden Yellow 50/50. Dry Brush Golden Yellow, Dry Brush Badmoon Yellow, and then wash with a 50/50 Sepia/Water mix. That is it.

    For the red, once yellow is done, start with Mechrite Red, Then paint Mechrite Red/Blood Red 50/50 everywhere but in the cracks. Highlight with Blood Red then Wash with first Baal Red then 50/50 Sepia/Water mix from above. Then re-highlight with Blood Red.

  3. What I like the most : what elazar said : "the nice crisp and clear divide" between the yellow and red.

    What I like the less : It may just be the picture, but the red looks a bit clear/whitish/not vivid (french word would be "fade"). Maybe it s the sepia wash, I would have used something stronger : badab or devland.

    ... just my 2 coppers.

  4. They look fantastic! I don't know what you dislike Huron but I honestly think they are brilliant models!

  5. Looking good so far, Huron. Keep up the excellent work.


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