Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting Pulled in to many Directions

Hey guys, here with another post in my recent flurry I though I would like to share with you a few of the projects I am working on currently.

Blood Angels - I am currently working on completing a bit more then a full company of Blood Angels.

Maybe I should explain how I am painting this army. First of the Blood Angels are going to be my tournament army, at least for a good while so I really want them to shine. So I am painting them in stages. Basic (which is probably more along the lines of Table Top). Then I add the decals. Then I smooth out the decals and do some final high lights. Then scratch and chip. Then weathering. Then finally basing. I always base last because I tend not to paint my bases. Instead, I use fine gravels, turf, flock, grass, and sand to create the effect I am going for. Anyways, a lot of steps. The pic to the left is of what they look like after stage 1.

Next I will move onto decaling, then to highlighting and so on. Current I do not have anything totally completed but I do have all of Squad 2 base painted and decaled. I have most of the base work done on Squad 5 and the first half of Squad 7 done through the first stage. I also have the interiors of 2 Rhinos mostly done with the exterior of one started too. Next up for BAs is squad 4 plus 2 attack bikes. WIP pics below.

Renegades - Next up is my FW Renegades army. Right now I own a 35 man platoon, an armored fist squad, a HQ with a few heavy weapons teams, some berzerker ogryn, a custom unit of disciple of Xaphan made out of the Enforcer torsos, and a some other odds and ends. Here are pics of a Leman Russ Demolisher and a Chimera that I am currently working on for them.

Red Corsairs - When I signed up for Armies of Parade I thought I was going to be able to use all my cool converted and painted Apoc stuff for my chaos army. However that is just not the case. They are looking for stuff form 1 specific codex from small army sized up to 1 force org worth that fits on a custom display base you have to supply yourself that is 2ft x 3ft in diameter. That means I have some stuff that I need to get painted. Here is a wide shot of just about everything I have (painted or not) for my Red Corsairs army.

Tau? Yup, I have a secret stash of Tau set aside for that day when I am sick of everything else and want to work on something else. Here is a pic of the the box full of suits and vehicles.

I also am playing in a Fantasy Escalation League right now that is getting ready to come to an end. I recently just finished assembling my Hell Cannon for my Chaos Mortals army. It is a cool model and just begging to be worked on. Here is a pic so you can see for yourself.

I also have several armies for other non-GW games that need work most notably my Skorne from Privateer Press's game Hordes. Add in school work and a full time job and you can see I am getting pulled about.

What do you guy think I would work on? Please vote in the poll and let me know your opinion.

Well until next time.

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